1st period

This is what I call the 1st period:

I think that these events (time + space = events) are connected with the first appearance of the moon after the phase of new (dark) moon. The 6th glyph - I think - shows the two signs of night and waxing moon in the form of a sprout.

The moon-like signs in glyphs nos. 6 and 7 presumably indicate that the 1st period has 2 nights.

The moon-like signs in glyphs nos. 1 and 3 are oriented in the opposite direction. I believe that this type of sign means something else than night, probably the moon itself.

Perhaps the four glyphs starting the period should be read together as 'birth' (hatching) = waxing moon, followed by waning moon and 'finished moon', the 4th glyph showing the old moon in a way quite similar to the tired old bird in Sunday.

The 3rd glyph - in this interpretation - is determining that the subject is the moon. The 2nd glyph is more complicated. Why is this person looking backwards? And why the right hand towards the mouth? In Wednesday we saw a similar person, standing up and hand towards the mouth. But he was looking forwards and he used his left hand. And here we have the addition of a sign of command, the Clara-knife.

I suggest that Waning Moon (backwards looking because He is a mirror-image of Waxing Moon) is taking command at some point in time between the birth of the Waxing Moon and the disappearance of the tired old moon.