To create a definite structure for the glyph dictionary is no easy task. The first question to answer is whether to keep the earlier preliminary structure and rebuild or to create a totally new structure. I think I will keep the old preliminary structure and rebuild.
I also worry about what will happen when I change in the dictionary pages. Will there be severe consequences in the html-pages earlier written? The copies in doc-format of the html-pages will not be changed when I rewrite a page in the (html) dictionary, that is no problem.
But question is: Are there hyperlinks to the glyph dictionary html-pages? I have localized one such link leading to an old version of GD26, which I had made a special effort to keep in spite of changing the page. I therefore added 'old' to the name of the old version of the file and it will not be reached by any other link. I think there is no major problem of this kind.
By copying the text from a html-page (belonging to the glyph dictionary) and inserting the text into a html-page in the Index or in the Translations they will keep even if I later change the text in the html-page of the dictionary.
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