This is the first of the 26 periods, each covering a fortnight, which I guess measures out the solar year up to the last night, no. 365, or up to the last two nights when we have a leap year.

My guess that this is the beginning of a solar calendar is based on what I read in the first two glyphs:.

I read a period of six solar months and I read the reunion of the Sun Bird with his Summer Wife.

As these two glyphs are essential for the further analysis you will find more data concerning the solar months and the Summer Wife via the hyperlinks below. Please read there before continuing with the next page!

Via the hyperlink "26" you will alternatively reach a page where I have tried to make a preliminary description of the solar year, based on the assumption of 26 periods of fortnights and that the cardinal points (eqinoxes and solstices) are described in the calendar.

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