The preliminary results from level 1 that there is a calendar for the year in Small Santiago and that its main structure is 28 * 13 = 364, does indicate similarities with the 'maps of time-space' in Mesoamerica.

Probably there has been contacts between America and Polynesia and there might be clues in e.g. the Mayan calendars. Therefore I will in this discussion try to document something about these calendars, while at the same time check in Small Santiago and London Tablet for possible similarities.

I have just read Thor Heyerdahl's book about the travel from Peru to Polynesia by raft (1947) and according to him Easter Island has traditions about being colonized twice, most recently from the west about 22 generations before its 'discovery' 1722 by Roggeveen.

The earlier immigrants had arrived from the east about 57 generations ago, which Heyerdahl interprets as about 400-500 A.D.

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