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Remarkably, the hesitant and rather farfetched idea about this type of glyph

being a kind of double arrow of light seems to have payed off. I might even start to believe myself on this point. Especially as the Weaving Sister (Chih Neu) also appears, a female Spider winding up the thread of time.

Ma'at, the Vulture-star, is presumably also female. A judge, because located highest up, cfr my ideas about GD11. Ma'at sounds like Maat and her feather ought then to be the feather of a Vulture (waiting for the carcass). Judgment comes at the end, like in Saturn's day.

And Cat's Cradles should never be played by men:

"About the Nunivak Eskimos, who did not lose the Sun during winter, Margaret Lantis writes: Cat's Cradles were supposed to be made only inside, in winter, and during the day, not in the evening. Only the females played with string figures. If boys or men made them, their harpoon line would become tangled when they were out hunting ... " (Arctic Sky)