"Cow grazing, pig rooting, tiger stalking: planets trying, or acting, to capture comets; rag pickers and the Christian religion, and a cat down headfirst in a garbage can; nations fighting for more territory, sciences correlating the data they can, trust managers organizing, chorus girl out for a little late supper - all of them stopped somewhere by the unassimilable.

Chorus girl and the broiled lobster. If she eats not shell and all she represents universal failure to positivize: her ensuing disorders will translate her to the Negative Absolute."

(Charles Fort)

From now on I will 'publish' these pages continuously - not accumulating them in 'batches'. I must try to reach a steady working pace in balance with myself and in harmony with the rest of the universe. I myself am the instrument by which I will succeed or fail in my efforts.

I must work not only with structures, overviews and tiresome glyph sequences. I need to assimilate or I will be 'translated to the Negative Absolute'.

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