This is an index which helps you to use Windows Word.

The pages in this site are also available as document files (doc). You activate the hyperlink and will then be asked whether you wish to open or to save the document. You should save it. Because then you will be able to use the search-function in Word. That means that you can search for texts containing such key words as you are interested in. Below you can chose a certain document file or - further down - files (INDEX and TRANSLATIONS) containing together all the texts in aggregated form.

The TRANSLATIONS (> 3,000 pages) are not included in the INDEX (and neither is INDEX included in the TRANSLANTIONS). 2nd and 3rd volumes of TRANSLATIONS have later been added.

The dynamic parts of this site, i.e. glyph catalogue, the sublevels of the glyph dictionary, Polynesian dictionary, maps, references and rongorongo pages with comments, are not available as document files.

Level 1

1.  THE WEEK .doc

2. THE MONTH .doc 3. THE YEAR .doc

Level 2

4.  WEEK .doc

5. MONTH .doc 6. YEAR .doc

Level 3

7.  WEEK? .doc

8. MONTH? .doc 9. YEAR? .doc

Only these 9 documents are available as separate files. For the following levels (4- 6) you have to use INDEX - see below. The INDEX contains, though, also the first three levels. TRANSLATIONS should be read later than INDEX, they constitute 'volume 2' of the INDEX. To enable use of the search-funticion in Word also for the top level of the glyph dictionary a separate hyperlink leads to a document file named GLYPH DICTIONARY.doc.