This is Monday:

The idea of a structure showing birth etc can also be seen in the glyphs for this day.

Glyph nos. 2-3 and 4-5 I think show the two phases of Waxing and Waning Moon. I am fairly certain and therefore suggest this. Not only an idea. For glyph no. 7 I have the idea that it might show the phase of New Moon, i.e. the moon is not visible at all.

Where is the Full Moon? I guess that phase very well can be illustrated in glyph no. 6. Evidently we can see the shape of the moon with an additonal triangular sign in the middle. This sign maybe shows the turnover from Waxing to Waning Moon which occurs at the time of the full moon.

The last glyph, no. 8, I guess may be translated e.g. as marama or tea, words used to denote light colour. That could be a comment on the usefulness of the moon as giving light when it is dark.

If all these loose threads of mine are correct, then the text for Monday is divided into four parts: 1. The introduction of the ruler of the day. 2. The two phases of Waxing and Waning Moon. 3. The two phases of Full and New Moon. 4. A final emphasis on the white colour of the moon.