8th period

This is what I call the 8th period:

Now she is pregnant again, the sitting lady in glyph no. 2. Birth is however not imminent. If we compare the bulging stomach in this the 8th period with how the stomach looks in the other periods, the conclusion clearly is that birth is not scheduled to happen here but in the 3rd or 4th period. The baby seems to be the full moon.

The 3rd glyph shows the moon smaller than usual. Probably this means that it is invisible as we are in the last period of the month, i.e. at the time of the new moon. The new moon is not yet visible, but presumably she is like a little chicken, glyph no. 4.

The 1st and the 5th glyphs appear as in the 7th period. Does that mean that they do not carry any signs? Or is this a sign that we should regard the 7th and 8th periods as in reality being only one period?

The 'Janus-figures' (glyphs nos. 7-8) are showing that we will tread through the door into a new month. They are however not mirror-images of each other. Several details show that they are not the same. I leave this problem for solving later. The same goes for glyph no. 6.