7th period

This is what I call the 7th period:

The moon is now no longer flying high above the earth and in glyph no. 3 the moon is back in its normal position. Also in glyph no. 1 it is back to normal.

In the 5th glyph light is streaming from the last upwards looking flame of the sun. Does this mean that only the three upwards oriented flames are used to illuminate the moon? Should we think of the periods of the moon as being 4, dark moon and three phases illuminated by the sun?

In the 2nd glyph the sitting person no longer is filled with new life, she has evidently given birth. I guess that the newborn life must mean the coming next month. The new month has been seated. Like the cock in the 2nd period the sitting person seems to be shouting with mouth agape.

In the 6th glyph the sun bird has arrived. He has strangely bent wings, a sign of landing or of courtship?