This level will probably be the last one. Like the sun completing its course in six double-months I will try to complete this 10-year experiment with level 6.

There are knots to be tied. The texts in the Matariki calendars in Tahua and in H/P/Q must be completed. The structures in  the different calendars of the year must also be further studied.

My work with the glyph catalogue must be completed. The glyph dictionary will, though, not be completed. There probably will always arrive new insights about the meaning of the glyphs.

In this level I introduce a hyperlink to the texts on the rongorongo boards. These texts will not only be presented in full but I will also try to 'upgrade' the texts by labeling all the glyphs, structuring the texts, presenting most of the parallel sequences of glyhps, giving comments of different kinds, and as a last step give my 'translations'. I think those 10 years will be needed.