The site is PROGRESSIVE which means that what was written early during all these years is lacking in strength and insight compared to what was written later on towards the end of my work. This fact must always be kept in mind. There are numerous and obvious mistakes commited at the beginning, which easily will be discovered by someone having reached a higher level of understanding. Such MISTAKES HAVE NOT BEEN CORRECTED - it would have been too time-consuming (and tedious) to retrace the steps to put things in their proper order.

What has been written late is more difficult to grasp, I suppose, because unavoidably I have gradually built up a terminology and a way to work which has proved efficient, but which like shorthand writing will be far from obvious for the unitiated. This is a dilemma, because if the reader obeys my advice to begin at the beginning, at level 1, then the way ahead will be outrageously long. But by means of the ELEVATOR it is possible to move forward quickly (or down as also may seem necessary), moving between the levels.

It is therefore possible to take giant strides among all my workbook pages. However, the same kind of problem will arise also for someone who wishes to make use of my preliminary GLYPH DICTIONARY. It is also progressive - the beginning (at manu rere) was written much earlier than my efforts at the later glyph types. And I have not gone back to update earlier 'chapters' although new insights might well motivate it. On the other hand, I have tried to correct a few of my obvious mistakes.

I advice the user to begin with what for me is the end, viz. DREAM VOYAGER. There I will try to give a concise introduction.