I believe that to decipher the rongorongo texts this order should initially be followed:


1 Document all texts with precise copies of every glyph. Fischer has done this in his book, but with insufficient information about the spaces of the destroyed glyphs (glyphs must be counted). However, Barthel has documented also the destroyed areas (though not reliably - e.g. the end of line Rb6).
2 Document the texts in an orderly manner for easy access. Now (soon) I will have satisfied this demand both technically (internet site) and by labelling each glyph for easy access via content tables for each rongorongo text. (Other sites - as far as I have seen - have not enough precision in their glyph pictures.)
3 Document where the texts are 'parallel' (i.e. have sequences of glyphs which are similar). Now (soon) I will have satisfied this demand in this site.
4 Collect all the glyphs in a matrix where the cells are visually (only) defined. I am currently working with a glyph catalogue to meet this demand.
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