Having now established that Index not will contain Translations, it is important to try to integrate the translations with the rest anyhow. The first such step needed to take is to have a hyperlink here connecting to the rongorongo text which is the subject for the beginning of the Translations (translation 1).

The translation starts with an introductory page and then continues with the day calendar of P (Large St Petersburg Tablet). The translation pages can also be reached via hyperlinks from respective page of rongorongo text.

The translations are subdivided into numbered 'pages' (mostly very long such). The idea is to read the translations one by one beginning at the beginning, i.e. with no. 1, and then to continue in the order given by the natural numbers, e.g.:

translations 1 translation 2 (P) translations 12 (H) translations 17 (Q)

The numbers often jump (here from 2 to 12 and from 12 to 17) because there are four parallel texts incorporating the day calendar, one of which is in Tahua, and after translations 2-6 (the day calendar of P is structured by me into 5 pages) translation no. 7 will be found in Tahua. After 5 pages in Tahua the translation then continues with the text of H (translation 12) etc.

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