In level 2 all three calendars (Week, Month, Year) introduced in level 1 will be looked at anew. Thoughts and ideas accumulate slowly and instead of revising what is written, when new 'insights' develop, the method chosen here is to add instead of to change. Growth mostly implies adding, not changing.

As it is impossible to present everything at once - and should it have been possible, it is anyhow impossible to assimilate everything at once - level 2 is a kind of repetition, though with new material introduced and with the discussion at a (hopefully) higher level of understanding.

There are parallel texts for the calendars of the Week and the Year. And these parallel texts are not exactly the same, which means that they must be closely studied and compared. Parallel texts is a great benefit, like two eyes seeing more than one or stereoscopic vison.

I have not found any text parallel to the calendar of the month in Mamari. Instead I will try to identify what names were used for the nights of the month, using information both from Hawaii and Easter Island.

In level 2 labels for the glyphs will be used, a method I have invented to identify the glyphs discussed.

Beginning at level 2 there is - at the bottom of each page - a set of hyperlinks which will be used as a standard for future levels. All these links, though, are not accessible at level 2; only the glyph catalogue and some maps are new at this level. These hyperlinks lead to pages which presumably never will be quite finished, but instead will be steadily increased (and also open to other changes of mine) as we progress forward.