This list of useful books is being steadily updated.

Allen Richard Hinckley Allen "Star Names. Their Lore and Meaning."

Arctic Sky John MacDonald "The Arctic Sky. Inuit Astronomy, Star Lore, and Legend."

D'Alleva Anne D'Alleva "Art of the Pacific"

Averkieva Julia Averkieva and Mark A. Sherman "Kwakiutl String Figures"

Barthel Thomas Barthel "Grundlagen zur Entzifferung der Osterinselschrift"

Barthel 2 Thomas Barthel "The Eighth Land. The Polynesian Discovery and Settlement of Easter Island."

Barthel 3 Thomas Barthel "Untersuchungen zur Großen Göttin der Maya" (Zeitschrift für Ethnologie, ISSN 0044-2622)

Beaglehole II J. C. Beaglehole "The Journals of Captain Cook II: The Voyage of The Resolution and Adventure 1772-1775."

Bergmann Hans-Georg Bergmann "Vergleichende Untersuchungen Über die Sprache der Osterinsel"

Best Elsdon Best "The Astronomical Knowledge of the Maori"

Bierbach Annette Bierbach and Horst Cain "Religion and Language of Easter Island"

Black Canoe Robert Bringhurst and Ulli Steltzer "The Black Canoe. Bill Reid and the Spirit of Haida Gwaii"

Boas Franz Boas "Race, Language and Culture"

Book of the Dead E. A. Wallis Budge "The Egyptian Book of the Dead'

Buck Peter H. Buck (Te Rangi Hiroa) "Vikings of the Pacific"

Campbell Joseph Campbell "The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology"

Campbell 2 Joseph Campbell "The Masks of God: Oriental Mythology"

Campbell 3 Joseph Campbell "The Masks of God: Occidental Mythology"

Carroll Lewis Carroll "The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll"

Charles Fort Charles Fort "The Books of Charles Fort"

Churchill William Churchill "Easter Island. The Rapanui Speech and the Peopling of Southeast Polynesia."

Churchill 2 William Churchill "The Polynesian Wanderings"

Coe Michael D. Coe "Breaking the Maya Code"

Cook's 2nd Voyage J. C. Beaglehole "The Voyage of the Resolution and Adventure 1772-1775."

Danielsson Björn Danielsson "Björn Danielsson i Söderhavet"

Dendera Zodiac

Diringer David Diringer "The Alphabet"

Dresden Codex J. Eric Thompson "A Commentary on the Dresden Codex'

English Etymology C. T. Onions "The Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology"

Fischer Steven Roger Fischer "Rongorongo. The Easter Island Script: History, Traditions, Texts."

Fischer 2 Steven Roger Fischer "Glyph Breaker."

Fornander Abraham Fornander "An Account of the Polynesian Race. Its Origin and Migrations."

Fraser Douglas Fraser "Primitiv konst"

Friedrich Johannes Friedriech "Glömda skrifter och språk."

Frobenius Leo Frobenius "Das Zeitalter des Sonnengottes"

From Honey to Ashes Claude Lévi-Strauss "From Honey to Ashes. Introduction to a Science of Mythology: 2."

Gates William Gates "An Outline Dictionary of Maya Glyphs'

Graves Robert Graves "The Greek Myths"

Hamlet's Mill Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend "Hamlet's Mill. An Essay on Myth and the Frame of Time."

Hancock Graham Hancock "Fingerprints of the Gods"

Hancock 2 Graham Hancock "Underworld. Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age."

Hancock 3 Graham Hancock "Heaven's Mirror. Quest for the Lost Civilization."

Harawira K. T. Harawira "Teach Yourself Maori"

Harris  J. Rendel Harris "The Cult of the Heavenly Twins"

Henrikson Alf Henrikson "Antikens historier"

Henry Teuira Henry "Ancient Tahiti"

Henshall Kenneth G. Henshall "A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters"

Heyerdahl Thor Heyerdahl "Påskön, en gåta som fått svar"

Heyerdahl 2 Thor Heyerdahl "Early Man and the Ocean"

Heyerdahl 3 Thor Heyerdahl "The Art of Easter Island"

Heyerdahl 4 Thor Heyerdal et al. "Reports of the Norwegian Archaeological Expedition to Easter Island and the East Pacific. Volume 2."

Heyerdahl 5 Thor Heyerdahl "Aku-Aku"

Heyerdahl 6 Thor Heyerdahl "American Indians in the Pacific"

Ifrah Georges Ifrah "Räknekonstens kulturhistoria"

Ibarra Grasso Dick Edgar Ibarra Grasso "La Escritura Indígena Andina"

Irwin Geoffrey Irwin "The Prehistoric Exploration and Colonisation of the Pacific"

Islands of History Marshall Sahlins "Islands of History"

Japanese Richard Smith & Trevor Hughes Parry "Japanese. Language and People"

Jefferson Christina Jefferson "Dendroglyphs of the Chatham Islands"

Jensen Peter Jensen "Die Kosmologie der Babylonier"

Kapingamarangi Peter H. Buck (Te Rangi Hiroa) "Material Culture of Kapingamarangi"

Kapten Cooks död Mashall Sahlins "Kapten Cook's död"

Kelley David Humiston Kelley "Deciphering the Maya Script"

Kjellson Henry Kjellson "Forntidens teknik"

Klepešta Josef Klepešta "Stjärnor och stjärnbilder"

Krupa Viktor Krupa "The Polynesian Languages"

Larousse "New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology"

Legends of the South Seas "Antony Alpers "Legends of the South Seas"

Lévi-Strauss Claude Lévi-Strauss "Spillror av paradiset"

Lewis David Lewis "Havets stigfinnare"

Lindqvist Cecilia Lindqvist "Tecknens Rike"

Lockyer J. Norman Lockyer "The Dawn of Astronomy"

Luomala Katharine Luomala "The Menehune of Polynesia and Other Mythical Little People of Oceania"

Makemson  Maud Worcester Makemson "The Morning Star Rises. An Account of Polynesian Astronomy"

Mangarevan Counting Andrea Bender and Sieghard Beller "Mangarevan Invention of Binary Steps for Easier Calculation"


Maori Myths Antony Alpers "Maori Myths & Tribal Legends"

Maya Cosmos David Freidel, Linda Schele, Joy Parker "Maya Cosmos. Three Thousand Years on the Shaman's Path."

Métraux Alfred Métraux "Ethnology of Easter Island"

Midonick Henrietta Midonick "The Treasury of Matemathics: 1"

Needham 1 Joseph Needham "Science and Civilisation in China, vol. 1"

Needham 2 Joseph Needham "Science and Civilisation in China, vol. 2"

Needham 3 Joseph Needham "Science and Civilisation in China, vol. 3"

Nilsson Martin P. Nilsson "Primitive Time-Reckoning"

Nordhoff & Hall Charles Nordhoff & James Hall "Myteriet på Bounty. Myteri!"

Ogotemmêli Marcel Griaule "Conversations with Ogotemmêli"

Omoo Herman Melville "Omoo".

Oral Traditions Ruth Finnegan & Margaret Orbell "South Pacific Oral Traditions"

Origin of Table Manners Claude Lévi-Strauss "The Origin of Table Manners. Introduction to a Science of Mythology: 3."

Parpola Asko Parpola "The Sky Garment"

Philippi Donald L. Philippi "Songs of Gods, Songs of Humans. The Epic Tradition of the Ainu."

Popol Vuh Dennis Tedlock "Popol Vuh. The Mayan Book of the Dawn of Life."

Posnansky Arthur Posnansky "Tihuanacu the Cradle of American Man"

Schuhmacher W. Wilfried Schuhmacher "The Linguistic Aspect of Thor Heyerdahl's Theory"

Sharp as a Knife Robert Bringhurst "A Story as Sharp as a Knife. The Classical Haida Mythtellers and Their World."

Skywatchers Anthony F. Aveni "Skywatchers"

Starzecka D. C. Starzecka "Maori Art and Culture"

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The Golden Bough Sir James George Frazer "The Golden Bough. A Study in Magic and Religion."

The Hittites O. R. Gurney "The Hittites"

The Maya Michael D. Coe "The Maya"

The Naked Man Claude Lévi-Strauss "The Naked Man. Introduction to a Science of Mythology: 4."

The Raw and the Cooked Claude Lévi-Strauss "The Raw and the Cooked. Introduction to a Science of Mythology: 1."

The Two Worlds of Peru Ronald Wright "Cut Stones and Crossroads. A Journey in the Two Worlds of Peru".

The White Goddess Robert Graves "The White Goddess".

Van Tilburg Jo Anne Van Tilburg "Easter Island. Archeology, Ecology and Culture".

Vanaga (taken out of service 2007-12-29)

Wachsmann Shirley Wachsmann "Seagoing Ships & Seamanship in the Bronze Age Levant"




Wilkinson Richard H. Wilkinson "Hieroglyfernas värld." (Reading Egyptian Art)

World of the Polynesians Antony Alpers "The World of the Polynesians"

Worthen Thomas D. Worthen "The Myth of Replacement. Stars, Gods, and Order in the Universe."

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Zehren Erich Zehren "Stjärnornas testamente"

Zuidema R. T. Zuidema 'The Ceque System of Cuzco"

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Also, I have relied rather heavily on what I have written earlier, several thousand pages mostly in the Swedish language, and unpublished of course.